08 original boy dog names with meanings 

Zephyr - A name meaning "gentle breeze" in Greek, perfect for a dog with a calm and soothing personality.

Koda - Meaning "friend" or "companion" in Native American, an ideal name for a loyal and loving canine companion.

Jett - Inspired by the black gemstone, this name suits a sleek and dark-coated dog, representing strength and elegance.

Maverick - Symbolizing independence and individuality, this name is fitting for a spirited and adventurous pup.

Odin - Named after the powerful Norse god associated with wisdom and bravery, suitable for a strong and courageous dog.

Kai - With Hawaiian origins, Kai means "sea" or "ocean." It's a great choice for a water-loving dog or one with a calming presence.

Arlo - Meaning "fortified hill" in English, this name is ideal for a pup with a strong and protective nature.

Finnegan - A Gaelic name meaning "fair" or "white," suitable for a dog with a light-colored or pure coat.