10 biggest dogs in the world

English Mastiff: English Mastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds in terms of weight. They have a massive build and are known for their gentle and calm temperament.

Saint Bernard: Saint Bernards are famous for their size and strength. They have a sturdy build and were historically used for search and rescue in the Swiss Alps.

Great Dane: Great Danes are known for their towering height and impressive size. Despite their large stature, they are typically friendly and gentle dogs.

Newfoundland: Newfoundland dogs are large and muscular, with a thick double coat. They are strong swimmers and were originally bred as working dogs for water rescue.

Irish Wolfhound: Irish Wolfhounds are one of the tallest dog breeds. They have a lean and athletic build and were historically used for hunting wolves and large game.

Leonberger: Leonbergers are a giant dog breed known for their size and strength. They have a gentle and friendly temperament, making them good family pets.

Tibetan Mastiff: Tibetan Mastiffs are powerful and majestic dogs with a large and heavy build. They were traditionally used to guard livestock and properties in the Himalayan region.

Great Pyrenees: Great Pyrenees are large, fluffy dogs with a strong protective instinct. They have a thick double coat and were bred to guard livestock.

Neapolitan Mastiff: Neapolitan Mastiffs are muscular and imposing dogs. They have loose skin, wrinkles, and a massive head, which adds to their unique appearance.

Scottish Deerhound: Scottish Deerhounds are large, elegant dogs known for their speed and athleticism. They were originally bred for hunting deer in the Scottish Highlands.

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