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10 largest dog breed in the world   

Great Dane: Known as the tallest dog breed, Great Danes are gentle giants with a noble appearance.

Irish Wolfhound: With their impressive height and long history, Irish Wolfhounds are one of the largest dog breeds in terms of size.

English Mastiff: Recognized for their massive size and powerful build, English Mastiffs are gentle and affectionate giants.

Saint Bernard: Famous for their rescue work in the Swiss Alps, Saint Bernards are large and sturdy dogs with a friendly temperament.

Tibetan Mastiff: Originating from Tibet, these imposing dogs are known for their thick coats and protective nature.

Newfoundland: Renowned for their strength and swimming abilities, Newfoundlands are large and gentle giants that excel in water rescue.

Leonberger: This breed, originally developed in Germany, combines strength, elegance, and a gentle disposition.

Scottish Deerhound: Bred for hunting deer in Scotland, Scottish Deerhounds are tall and slender dogs with a dignified appearance.

Anatolian Shepherd: Originating from Turkey, Anatolian Shepherds are impressive livestock guardian dogs with a strong and muscular build.

Caucasian Shepherd: Hailing from the Caucasus region, these powerful and protective dogs have a commanding presence and a loyal nature.