10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Popey

Nintendo originally intended for their iconic game Donkey Kong to be based on the Popeye comic strip, but were unable to obtain the license and thus created their own characters instead.

Popeye was almost a Donkey Kong game

A statue of Popeye was erected in Crystal City, Texas in 1937 to pay tribute to the character's role in the town's prosperity during the Great Depression, making it the first-ever statue of a cartoon character dedicated in the character's honor.

The First Cartoon To Receive A Statue In His Honor

Popeye's planned land at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure was scrapped in favor of the Comic Strip Landing area.

Popeye was planned to have his own land at an Orlando theme park.

In Popeye's earliest comics, he gained his strength from rubbing a whiffle hen's head, not from spinach.

He Didn't Always Get His Strength From Spinach

Popeye was a minor character in the early days of Thimble Theatre, with Olive Oyl and her relationship with Ham Gravy being the primary focus.

Olive Oyl Came Before Popeye

Contrary to popular belief, the baby often seen with Popeye and Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea, is actually Popeye's adopted child, left on his doorstep by Swee' Pea's biological mother.

Swee' Pea's Parentage is Not What You Think

Popeye initially started as a minor character in the comic strip Thimble Theatre, but quickly became a fan favorite and eventually led to the strip being renamed after him.

Actor Started As Supporting Cast

Popeye inspired a popular dance in the '60s called the Popeye, which mimicked the character's movements and mannerisms.

Popeye Inspired A Popular Dance In The '60s

Popeye's influence on popular culture extends to the popularization of the insult "goon" and the origin of the term "wimp."

The Popeye Comics Popularized The Insult "Goon"

Popeye's popularity during the Great Depression led to an increase in spinach sales and made it the third most popular kids' food after ice cream and turkey.

Popeye popularizes spinach during Depression

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