10 Signs You Might Have A Clingy Cat  

Constantly Seeking Attention: Your cat follows you around the house and demands attention throughout the day.

Excessive Vocalization: Your cat meows persistently for your attention or when you leave their sight.

Always in Your Lap: Your cat insists on sitting or lying on your lap whenever you're seated.

Separation Anxiety: Your cat becomes anxious or displays destructive behavior when left alone.

Constant Need for Physical Contact: Your cat always wants to be touching or snuggling up against you.

Difficulty Leaving the House: Your cat becomes anxious or tries to prevent you from leaving the house.

Follows You Everywhere: Your cat never leaves your side and follows you from room to room.

Overly Dependent: Your cat relies on you for emotional support and seems insecure when you're not around.

Excessive Purring: Your cat purrs excessively, even when there's no obvious reason for contentment.

Attention-Seeking Behaviors: Your cat engages in attention-seeking behaviors like rubbing against your legs, pawing at you, or jumping on your shoulders.