10 Surprising WWE Wrestlers Who Actually Love Dogs

Xavier Woods - Xavier Woods, a member of The New Day, is a known dog lover and has shared his affection for his own dogs on social media.

Becky Lynch - Becky Lynch, also known as "The Man," is a dog lover and has posted pictures of her adorable dog, Rocco, on social media.

Daniel Bryan - Daniel Bryan, a former WWE Champion, is not only an environmentalist but also an advocate for animal rights, often seen with his own dog companions.

Carmella - Carmella has expressed her love for dogs on various occasions and has even participated in events and campaigns supporting animal rescue and adoption.

Kevin Owens - Kevin Owens has shown his love for his own dogs on social media and has been involved in charitable efforts benefiting animal welfare organizations.

Natalya - Natalya, a member of the legendary Hart wrestling family, is a passionate dog lover and has been involved in initiatives supporting dog rescue and adoption.

Kofi Kingston - Kofi Kingston, another member of The New Day, has shared his love for his dogs on social media and has even included them in his wrestling gear designs.

Mick Foley - Mick Foley, a WWE Hall of Famer, has been vocal about his love for dogs and has supported various animal welfare causes throughout his career.

Rhea Ripley - Rhea Ripley, a rising WWE Superstar, has a soft spot for dogs and has shared her affection for her own canine companions online.

Johnny Gargano - Johnny Gargano, a popular NXT wrestler, is a known dog lover and frequently shares pictures and videos of his dogs on social media.

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