10 Top Cat Breeds from Asia

Siamese: Originating from Thailand, Siamese cats are known for their striking blue almond-shaped eyes and color-pointed fur.

Burmese: These affectionate cats hail from Burma and are characterized by their sleek, dark brown coats and expressive eyes.

Japanese Bobtail: This breed, as the name suggests, has a distinctive bobtail and is known for its playfulness and curiosity.

Manx: Originating from the Isle of Man, Manx cats are often tailless or have short tails, and they come in various coat colors.

Bengal: Descended from Asian leopard cats, Bengals have a wild appearance with rosette-shaped spots on their coats.

Himalayan: A cross between Siamese and Persian breeds, Himalayans have striking color points and luxurious long fur.

Sphynx: Although originally from Canada, the Sphynx cat's unique appearance is a result of crossbreeding with Asian cats. They are hairless and known for their warm, affectionate nature.

Singapura: This small breed from Singapore is known for its tiny size, ticked coat, and playful personality.

Thai: Thai cats are descendants of traditional Siamese cats and have a similar appearance with color-pointed fur and striking blue eyes.

Korat: Hailing from Thailand, Korats have a distinctive blue-grey coat and are considered symbols of good luck in their native country.