10 Top Cat Breeds That Are Smaller-Sized

Singapura: Known as one of the smallest cat breeds, Singapuras have a small and compact size, making them adorable and easy to handle.

Munchkin: With their short legs, Munchkin cats have a distinct appearance and a smaller-sized body, while still being playful and friendly.

Cornish Rex: Cornish Rex cats are known for their slender and elegant build, making them smaller in size compared to some other breeds.

Devon Rex: Similar to the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex cats have a petite and lightweight frame, along with their unique curly coat.

Scottish Fold: Although not the smallest breed, Scottish Folds have a compact body and folded ears, which adds to their charm and smaller appearance.

American Curl: With their unique curled ears and medium-sized body, American Curls are a smaller-sized breed known for their friendly nature.

Abyssinian: Abyssinians are a medium-sized breed, but their slender body and lithe build give them a smaller and more agile appearance.

Burmese: Burmese cats have a rounded and compact body, making them appear smaller in size while still being muscular and sturdy.

Toyger: Although not the smallest breed, Toygers have a smaller size compared to their resemblance to a tiger, making them an interesting choice for those looking for a smaller-sized cat.

Oriental Shorthair: Oriental Shorthairs have a sleek and slender body, giving them a smaller and more delicate appearance compared to other breeds.

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