10 Top Dog Breeds From Spain

Spanish Water Dog: Known for their herding abilities and curly coat, they make great family pets.

Spanish Mastiff: A gentle giant, this breed is excellent for protection and companionship.

Spanish Greyhound (Galgo Español): A sleek and fast breed, often used for racing and as loyal pets.

Bichon Frise: This fluffy, small breed is a popular companion known for its charming personality.

Catalan Sheepdog: A herding breed with a shaggy coat, they're both intelligent and energetic.

Spanish Alano : A strong and powerful breed originally used for hunting and as a working dog.

Pyrenean Mastiff: Known for their guarding abilities, they have a calm and protective nature.

Spanish Bulldog (Alano Español): A muscular and loyal breed with a history in bullfighting.

Spanish Water Spaniel: A skilled water retriever with a distinctive curly coat.

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