10 Underrated Slasher Movies of the 2010s

Wingard's Death Note adaptation, despite criticism, is a solid horror film that effectively critiques American law and order, deserving reconsideration with thrilling kills and a memorable soundtrack.

1. Death Note (2017)

This Irish horror-comedy, overlooked and deserving of attention, features brutal kills, an intriguing killer mythology, and a memorable head explosion, making it a must-watch for slasher fans.

2. 'Stitches' (2012)

The Bye-Bye Man, widely mocked yet underrated, offers a reasonably competent slasher experience in its unrated cut, punching above its title's weight.

3. 'The Bye Bye Man' (2017)

Despite being shelved for years, Clown is an inventive creature feature with impressive effects and a mean streak, deserving of more attention.

4. 'Clown' (2014)

Elijah Wood's Maniac remake successfully carves its own identity with a first-person perspective, a captivating synthwave score, and stands the test of time, deserving attention from slasher cinema fans.

5. 'Maniac' (2012)

Astron-6's giallo throwback, The Editor, masterfully balances parody and tribute with love and care, featuring an incredible soundtrack and deserving equal attention to their new films.

6. 'The Editor' (2014)

The Gallows, despite poor ratings, falls into the realm of so-bad-it's-good, offering unexpected entertainment value beyond its flaws.

7. 'The Gallows' (2015)

Hell Fest, while criticized for lacking originality, succeeds as a competent and enjoyable slasher that embraces familiar tropes with skill.

8. 'Hell Fest' (2018)

Green Room, directed by Jeremy Saulnier, cleverly intertwines elements of a siege movie and a slasher, as a punk band battles for survival against neo-Nazis in a tense and gripping thriller.

9. 'Green Room' (2015)

In McG's The Babysitter, a child fights for survival against his Satanic cult-affiliated babysitter in a surprisingly impressive horror comedy, often overlooked due to its release amidst Netflix's content saturation.

10. 'The Babysitter' (2017)