12 Things Everyone Should Keep in Their Home

Fire extinguisher

Crucial for extinguishing small fires and preventing spread. Choose appropriate type, inspect and maintain regularly.

First aid kit

Essential for addressing minor injuries and providing initial medical care. Include bandages, ointment, tape, pain relievers, and emergency contacts.

Flashlights and spare batteries

Essential during power outages or emergencies. Keep strategically placed with spare batteries for reliable lighting.

Carbon monoxide detector

Vital for detecting silent and deadly gas. Install near bedrooms and fuel-burning appliances to warn of dangerous levels.

Smoke alarms

Critical for early fire detection. Install on every level, inside bedrooms, and outside sleeping areas.

Tool set

Essential for minor repairs, furniture assembly, and household projects. Include screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and other essential hand tools.

Duct tape

Versatile adhesive for temporary fixes, sealing, and securing objects. Practical for quick repairs.

Extension cords

Provide flexibility for device/appliance power sources. Choose high-quality cords of appropriate length and capacity to avoid overloading and hazards.

Power strips

Essential for expanding outlets and safeguarding electronics from power surges. Use responsibly, avoid overloading.

Spare light bulbs

Essential for unexpected burnouts and ensuring adequate lighting. Keep extras for different fixtures in your home.

Portable phone charger

Essential for power outages and on-the-go situations. Keep devices powered and connected.

Emergency contact list

Include important numbers like emergency services, hospitals, family, and neighbors. Keep easily accessible for quick reference during emergencies.

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