15 Purrfect DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Cat 

By: Marco Carola

Bat Cat

Craft a simple pair of bat wings from black felt or fabric and attach them to a harness or collar. Your cat will become an instant batcat!


Make a tiny pirate hat, eye patch, and attach a felt sword to your cat's collar. Arrr, matey!


Create a superhero cape with your cat's favorite emblem, like a "C" for Catman or Catwoman.


A small, pumpkin-shaped costume with holes for the legs and tail can make your cat look like a festive jack-o'-lantern.


Craft a bee costume with black and yellow felt or fabric, complete with wings and antennae.


Turn your cat into a mouse with a simple gray costume, ears, and a tail attached to a harness.

Chef or Baker

A tiny chef's hat and apron can make your cat look like a culinary genius.

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