5 Fun Facts About White Cats

Genetic Mutation: White cats are born with a genetic mutation that inhibits the production of pigmentation in their fur, resulting in a white coat.

Eye Color: White cats can have different eye colors, including blue, green, gold, or heterochromia (each eye a different color), adding to their unique charm.

Deafness: White cats with blue eyes are more prone to congenital deafness due to the same genetic mutation that causes their coat color. This connection between coat color and deafness is more prevalent in white cats.

Sun Sensitivity: White cats are more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage due to the lack of pigmentation in their fur. It's essential to provide them with protection from the sun and limit their exposure to prevent potential harm.

Superstitions and Symbolism: White cats have been associated with various superstitions and cultural beliefs worldwide. They are often seen as symbols of luck, both positive and negative, depending on the culture and folklore.

5 Fun Facts About White Cats

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