5 Signs Of Truly Happy Cats

Doug Collins

Finicky Feline

Through vocalizations and body language. Understanding these behaviors can help in creating a harmonious relationship with your feline companion.

They rub against you

When cats rub against you, it's a combination of marking their territory with scent glands and showing affection. It's a behavior commonly observed among cats that share a strong social bond.

They knead

Kneading is a behavior that indicates a cat's contentment and feeling of safety. It's an adorable sign of their good mood and relaxation.

Blink slowly at you

When a cat blinks at you, it's a sign of trust and contentment, indicating that their guard is down. Avoiding direct eye contact is generally preferred by cats to avoid perceiving it as a challenge or threat.

Eating well

A healthy appetite in cats is a positive sign of their well-being and happiness. Decreased or loss of appetite can indicate potential health issues or stress that should be addressed.

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