6 Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders


Shoulder Press

Stand on the resistance band, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold handles at shoulder height, palms forward. Press bands overhead, extend arms fully, lower back down, and repeat.


Lateral Raises

Step on band, feet hip-width apart. Hold handles by sides, palms inward. Raise arms to shoulder height, slight bend in elbows. Lower down and repeat.


Front Raises

Stand on band, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold handles in front of thighs, palms facing body. Lift band straight in front to shoulder height. Control descent and repeat.


Bent-Over Rows

Center band under feet, knees slightly bent, hinge forward with a straight back. Hold handles with arms extended, palms facing each other. Pull band toward chest, squeezing shoulder blades. Release slowly and repeat.


Reverse Flies

Step on band, feet hip-width apart. Cross bands in front, hold handles with palms facing each other. With slight elbow bend, lift arms out to the sides until parallel to floor. Slowly return and repeat.


External Rotations

Anchor band at waist height. Stand sideways, elbow bent 90 degrees, upper arm parallel to floor. Grab handle, keep elbow tucked, rotate forearm away, squeeze shoulder blade. Return and repeat. Switch sides.

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