7 Cat Breeds That Have Blue-Colored Coats

Russian Blue: These cats are famous for their dense, bluish-gray coat, which gives them their name.

Chartreux: Chartreux cats have a distinct blue-gray coat that adds to their charming appearance.

British Shorthair: Some British Shorthair cats come in a lovely blue coloration, creating a plush and cozy look.

Korat: Korats are known for their all-over bluish-silver coat, which shimmers in the light.

Nebelung: Nebelungs have a semi-long, bluish-gray coat that contributes to their elegant appearance.

Maltese: These cats have a silvery-blue coat with a soft texture, making them unique and beautiful.

Blue Scottish Fold: Scottish Fold cats occasionally come in a lovely blue color, enhancing their sweet and friendly nature.

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