7 Cat Breeds With Black and White Coloring

Tuxedo Cat: Known for their formal appearance with a black coat resembling a tuxedo and white markings on their chest, paws, and face.

Cow Cat (Holstein): Resembling a miniature Holstein cow, these cats have large black splotches on a predominantly white coat.

Domestic Shorthair: Many mixed-breed domestic shorthair cats exhibit black and white coloring, creating a diverse range of appearances.

British Shorthair: Some British Shorthair cats have a black and white bicolor pattern, creating a charming contrast.

Siberian: While not common, some Siberian cats can display black and white markings within their predominantly fur-covered bodies.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Occasionally, Norwegian Forest Cats may exhibit black and white patterns, though it's less common in this breed known for its thick, fluffy coat.

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