7 Easy Lower-Body Exercises That Melt Fat

1. Jump Squats

Jump squats are a dynamic plyometric exercise engaging multiple muscles, delivering a full-body workout and enhanced calorie burn through explosive movements from a seated squat position while maintaining proper form.

2. Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges combine plyometric movements and lunges for a challenging lower-body workout that targets multiple muscle groups, boosts heart rate, and promotes fat loss; performed by stepping forward, lowering into a lunge, jumping

3. Butterfly Squats

Butterfly squats target inner thighs, quads, glutes, and hamstrings, promoting fat burning and toned legs; performed with a shoulder-width stance, squatting down, opening knees and feet at a 45-degree angle, and alternating knee position.

4. Good Mornings

The "good morning" exercise targets lower back, hamstrings, and glutes, improving strength, posture, and burning calories; performed with a barbell on the upper back, hinging at the hips while maintaining upper back extension and a forward chest position.

5. Curtsy Lunge Pulses

The curtsy lunge pulse targets quads, hamstrings, and glutes, promoting leg toning, balance, coordination, fat burning, and lean muscle building through a stepping back and to the left with the right foot, lunging, pulsing the right knee, and returning to the starting position.

6. High Knees

High knees are a fat-burning cardio exercise that strengthens leg muscles; performed by lifting each knee as high as possible, bringing the heel toward the glutes while alternating between left and right.

7. Bulgarian Split Squats

The Bulgarian split squat targets quads and glutes, challenges lower-body workouts, boosts metabolism and fat burning; performed with one foot on a bench, descending with proper knee tracking, and driving the front foot for propulsion.

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