7 Pugs to Follow if You Love Doug the Pug

Nala the Pug: Nala is an adorable pug with a lively Instagram presence and a knack for striking cute poses.

Minnie and Max the Pugs: This dynamic pug duo, Minnie and Max, showcase their daily adventures and charming personalities.

Mops Flocke & Winston: Flocke and Winston, or "Mops," share their playful moments and travels, keeping pug enthusiasts entertained.

Sunny the Pug: Sunny's Instagram feed is filled with sunny smiles, showcasing the joyful side of pug life.

LouLou the Pug: LouLou is a fashionable pug with a keen sense of style, offering a glimpse into the world of pug fashion.

Hamilton Pug: Hamilton is a social media sensation known for his quirky sense of humor and fun-loving antics.

Doug the Pug: Of course, don't forget to follow Doug the Pug himself for a daily dose of pug hilarity and cuteness.

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