7 Things to Look for in a Self-Wash Dog Spa

Cleanliness: Ensure the self-wash dog spa is well-maintained and hygienic to provide a safe environment for your pet.

Supplies Provided: Look for a spa that offers essential grooming supplies like shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and towels.

Water Temperature Control: Check if the spa provides adjustable water temperature to ensure your dog's comfort.

Tub Accessibility: Ensure the tubs are easy to access for both you and your dog, with non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents.

Grooming Tools: Some spas provide additional tools like high-velocity dryers and grooming tables for your convenience.

Professional Assistance: Inquire if staff or groomers are available for assistance and guidance during the self-wash process.

Pricing: Consider the pricing structure, whether it's based on time, the size of your dog, or a flat fee, to find the best value for your needs.