9 Common Cat Myths Debunked

Cats Always Land on Their Feet: While agile, cats can still get injured in falls from great heights.

Cats Have Nine Lives: Cats only have one life, but they're resilient animals

Cats Should Drink Milk: Many adult cats are lactose intolerant, and milk can upset their stomachs.

Cats Don't Need Dental Care: Cats can suffer from dental issues, so dental care is essential.

Cats Purr Only When Happy: Cats can purr when stressed, in pain, or unwell.

Cats Can't Get Parasites Indoors: Indoor cats can still get parasites, especially if exposed to outdoor pets or brought in by humans.

Cats Should Have Constant Dry Food: A balanced diet includes wet food and treats; dry food alone can lead to health issues.

Cats Are Solitary Animals: Many cats enjoy social interaction and can form strong bonds with their owners and other pets.

Do Cats Love Their Owners?