9 Pugs to Follow if You Love Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug : The original and beloved Doug the Pug, with his entertaining personality and adorable expressions, is a must-follow.

Pugsley the Pug: Pugsley is a lovable pug who shares cute and funny moments, capturing the hearts of pug enthusiasts.

Siracusa Pug: Siracusa is an adorable pug known for his playful antics and charming smile, bringing joy to his followers.

Puglie Pug: Puglie Pug is an illustrated character that showcases the adorable and humorous side of pugs, making it a delightful follow for pug lovers.

Pugsofinstagram: This account features a collection of pugs from around the world, sharing the cutest and most endearing pug photos.

Mila the Pug: Mila is an Instagram-famous pug who shares her adventures and daily life with her charming personality and adorable outfits.

Pugloulou: Pugloulou is a pug with a distinctive curly tail, capturing hearts with cute poses and amusing expressions.

Pugsandkisses: Pugsandkisses is an account dedicated to showcasing the love and affection between pugs and their owners, spreading positivity and warmth.

Pugbasil: Basil the pug is known for his photogenic poses and lovable personality, making him a popular follow for pug enthusiasts.