Catonomics: The Economics of Feline Behavior

Resource Allocation: Cats exhibit resource allocation behavior, strategically investing their energy in activities like hunting, grooming, and rest.

Hunting Efficiency: Cats are efficient hunters, carefully calculating the energy spent versus the potential prey reward.

Territorial Economics: Felines establish and defend territories to maximize access to resources, including food and shelter.

Social Costs and Benefits: Cats engage in social behaviors, weighing the costs and benefits of interactions with other cats and humans.

Time Management: Cats manage their time wisely, balancing periods of activity and rest to conserve energy.

Resource Sharing: In multi-cat households, cats negotiate resource sharing and hierarchies, optimizing access to necessities.

Human-Animal Bond: Understanding catonomics can strengthen the human-animal bond, allowing cat owners to meet their feline companions' behavioral and psychological needs effectively.

Cat-astrophes and Miracles