Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Your Puppy 

By: Marco Carola

Secure the Tree: Ensure the Christmas tree is securely anchored in a sturdy tree stand to prevent it from toppling over if your puppy tries to climb it.

Avoid Tinsel: Skip the tinsel on your tree. Puppies may be tempted to chew on or swallow it, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems

Use Pet-Friendly Decorations: Choose ornaments and decorations that are pet-friendly and less likely to break if knocked off the tree.

Block Access: Use a pet gate or playpen to create a barrier around the tree if necessary. This can help prevent your puppy from getting too close.

Training: If your puppy is trained, reinforce commands like "leave it" and "no" to discourage tree-related mischief.

Secure Gifts: Keep wrapped gifts and their contents out of reach to prevent your puppy from unwrapping and chewing on them.

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