10 Kid-Invented Marvels

Genius Young Minds


An 8-year-old girl invented a bacon dish that earned her company over $1 million annually.

Abbey Fleck (Age 8) – Makin’ Bacon


An 11-year-old boy invented a device called the Water Talkie that allows swimmers to talk underwater. He sold his company to Wild Planet Toys at age 13 and made a substantial amount of money.

Richie Stachowski (Age 10) – Water Talkie


George Nissen invented the trampoline in 1930 when he was 16 years old. He spent his life traveling the world promoting his invention and the sport of trampolining.

George Nissen (Age 16) – Trampoline


10-year-old Kathryn Gregory invented Wristies, fuzzy sleeves that can be worn beneath coats and mittens to keep hands and forearms warm and dry during the winter.

K-K Gregory (Age 10) – Wristies


In 2010, 13-year-old Bart Main started a business selling manly-scented candles in recycled soup cans. Two years later, his business was booming and he had to hire employees and upgrade his equipment.

Hart Main (Age 13) – ManCan


11-year-old Frank Epperson accidentally invented the Popsicle when a soda water mixture he left out on the porch froze. He sold the rights to the Popsicle brand name in 1925 and three years later, Popsicle sales had topped 60 million.

Frank Epperson (Age 11) – Popsicle


In 2006, 14-year-old Sarah Buckel invented magnetic locker wallpaper to make it easier to decorate and clean school lockers. Her invention was a success and made $1 million in sales within one year.

Sarah Buckel (Age 14) – Magnetic Locker Wallpaper


6-year-old Kelly Reinhart invented a thigh pack for video games. She sold her company at age 9 and started a non-profit to teach other kids to invent.

Kelly Reinhart (Age 6) – T-Pak


15-year-old Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs in 1873. He sold over 400,000 pairs in his lifetime and took out over 100 patents.

Chester Greenwood (Age 15) – Earmuffs


11-year-old Cassidy Goldstein invented Crayon Holders to help kids use broken crayons. She was named Youth Inventor of the Year in 2006 and her invention earned her enough money to pay for college.

Cassidy Goldstein (Age 12) – Crayon Holders