How many teeth do cats have?

Cats have 30 teeth on average: While humans have 32 teeth, cats possess a total of 30 teeth in their mouths, which vary in size and shape.

Kittens are born toothless: Just like human babies, kittens are born without teeth. Their baby teeth, also known as deciduous teeth, start erupting at around two to four weeks of age.

Cats have sharp, curved teeth: The feline dental structure is designed for hunting and tearing prey. Their canines (fangs) are long, sharp, and curved, allowing them to catch and hold onto their prey effectively.

Cats have premolars but no molars: Unlike humans who have both premolars and molars, cats lack true molars. 

Retractable claws protect the teeth: Cats' retractable claws help prevent damage to their teeth when hunting or engaging in play. 

Cats have specialized incisors: The incisors, located at the front of a cat's mouth, are used for grooming and removing meat from the bones. 

Dental treats can help maintain oral health: Special dental treats and toys designed for cats can aid in reducing plaque and tartar buildup. They also provide entertainment while promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Good dental care promotes overall well-being: Maintaining proper dental hygiene for your cat contributes to their overall health and happiness.