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How to Prevent Your Cat From Peeing in Your Sink and Bathtub

Clean and Accessible Litter Box: Make sure your cat has a clean and easily accessible litter box.

Address Medical Issues: Consult a vet if your cat is experiencing urinary problems.

Eliminate Odors: Use enzyme-based cleaners to remove urine smells.

Make Sink and Bathtub Inaccessible: Block off access to these areas by closing bathroom doors or using physical barriers to prevent your cat from entering

Use Deterrents: Place aluminum foil or double-sided tape to discourage urination in the sink and bathtub.

Enhance Litter Box Appeal: Use preferred litter type and depth, and consider adding multiple litter boxes.

Provide Environmental Enrichment: Engage your cat with play, scratching posts, and vertical spaces.

Seek Behaviorist's Help: Consult a professional behaviorist if the issue persists.