How To Safely Play With A Cat

Use Interactive Toys: Engage your cat with toys like feather wands, laser pointers, or interactive balls for safe play.

Avoid Hands and Feet: Discourage play-biting or scratching your hands and feet to prevent injury; use toys instead.

Set Boundaries: Establish playtime boundaries to teach your cat what is acceptable behavior during play.

Watch for Signs: Pay attention to your cat's body language; if they seem agitated or aggressive, pause playtime.

Provide Hiding Spots: Cats enjoy hide-and-seek games, so create hiding spots with boxes or tunnels.

Use Catnip: Catnip-filled toys can add extra excitement to playtime, but use it in moderation.

Regular Exercise: Ensure your cat gets enough exercise through play to keep them healthy and mentally stimulated.

End on a Positive Note: Finish play sessions with a treat or affection to reinforce a positive connection between play and rewards.

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