McDonald's 10 Worst Menu Items



The McLean Deluxe: McDonald's attempt at a healthier burger using seaweed extract as a fat substitute, but failed to satisfy customers' taste preferences, earning it the nickname "McFlopper."

McLean Deluxe


The Arch Deluxe: McDonald's adult-oriented burger that fell victim to a misguided marketing campaign, resulting in its removal from the menu but leaving us with a memorable Jessica Biel commercial.

Arch Deluxe


Hula Burger vs. Filet-O-Fish: McDonald's founder Ray Kroc's meat-free Hula Burger, consisting of a pineapple slice and cheese, lost to franchise owner Lou Groen's Filet-O-Fish in a sales competition, leading to the demise of the Hula Burger.

Hula Burger


McDonald's Pizza: Introduced in 1989 to attract dinnertime customers, the slow-cooking made-to-order pizzas didn't align with the fast-food chain's speedy service, leading to their eventual removal from the menu.



McCrab: McDonald's attempt to introduce a crab cake sandwich in the mid-2000s proved unsuccessful as it couldn't compete with the beloved local crab dishes in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.



McSpaghetti: McDonald's short-lived attempt at serving pasta in the late 1970s failed to generate interest among customers and was quickly removed from the menu.



McHotDog: McDonald's attempted to introduce hot dogs in the mid-1990s and several times thereafter, despite founder Ray Kroc's objection to their quality and unknown contents.



Onion Nuggets: McDonald's short-lived fried onion side dish from the late 1970s disappeared from the menu, paving the way for the iconic Chicken McNuggets.

Onion Nuggets


McDonald's Angus Burger: Despite its high-quality beef from Angus cattle, the pricey burger couldn't compete with the affordability of the Dollar Menu and was eventually phased out.

Angus Burger


McSalad Shakers: McDonald's attempt at portable salads in a cup, replaced by Premium Salads in bowls due to lack of customer appeal, and later discontinued during the pandemic.

McSalad Shakers

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