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Best Restaurants in San Francisco!

8-Best Restaurants in SF!

Find it all in San Francisco's top restaurants: 16-course supper clubs, street tacos, veggie spots. Overwhelming options? We've got you with our picks.

Mister Jiu's

Mister Jiu's: Chef Brandon Jew's modern Cantonese cuisine. Chic East-meets-West space with communal dining tables. Ideal for family events in Chinatown.

Liholiho Yacht Club

Liholiho Yacht Club: Polished bistro blending Hawaiian, Californian, and Chinese cuisine. Unique dishes like duck liver toast and curried octopus.

Tartine Bakery & Cafe

Tartine Bakery & Cafe: chic warehouse with bakery, coffee, ice cream, wine bar. No wrong choices - from pain suisse to lamb neck ragu - for any meal.


Cala's chef Gabriela Cámara from Mexico City's Contramar brings classic ingredients, unique preparation, and artful presentation. Come for creative dishes like crispy-skinned potato, bone marrow salsa negra and warm tortillas.

Lazy Bear

This pop-up turned restaurant offers a 15-course dining experience. Expect a 50s club theme and dishes like porcini egg yolk fudge and bay scallop celtuce.

Hard to book, but worth it for the veggie-focused menu with surprises like pear curry. Don't miss brine-pickled French fries with smoked apple sauce.

Al’s Place

Zuni Café

Zuni offers a classic, romantic bistro with old San Francisco vibe, vested bartenders, and live piano. Must-try: wood-fired roasted chicken for two with bread salad.

Trendy foodie hotspot with inventive Thai menu. Must-try: Tangmo punch. Start with stone fruit, spicy bay squid; then early girl tomatoes with pork.