The Top 6 Rare and Special Dog Breeds

Norwegian Lundehund - Known for their unique six-toed paws and ability to climb steep cliffs, they were originally bred for puffin hunting in Norway.

Azawakh - These slender and elegant dogs from West Africa are prized for their speed and agility, often used as hunting and guard dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff - Majestic and fiercely protective, Tibetan Mastiffs are rare and have a history of guarding livestock in the Himalayas.

Finnish Spitz - These lively and vocal dogs are cherished in Finland for their hunting skills, particularly in tracking game birds.

Thai Ridgeback - Hailing from Thailand, these dogs are known for the distinctive ridge of hair along their back and their loyal, protective nature.

Catalburun - A Turkish breed recognized by its split or "forked" nose, Catalburuns are skilled hunters and incredibly rare outside of Turkey.

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